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Re: Some FTA questions, confirmations.

Posted by Rich Piehl on 11/06/07 15:06

Wes Newell wrote:
> Is it correct that I can use a PCI DVB-S tuner card to receive FTA sat?

> Is it correct that I can receive all of the major networks, like CBS, NBC,
> etc. in HD using a DVB-S tuner card?
Yes. But keep in mind that those types of feeds are not intended for
the general public. They can be turned off or scrambled at any time.
Plus, you may not be able to get true 1080p definition out of it.

> What would I need to do the same with a standalone receiver?

Something like this:

> What dish specs would I need for a dish to be used in southern Oklahoma
> for all the above?

You're pretty much in the middle of the footprint so anything over 6.5'
or so should be good, as long as you have a quality low temp LNB. And,
generally speaking, the bigger the better.

Take care,

God bless the USA

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