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Re: Some FTA questions, confirmations.

Posted by Nunya Bidness on 11/07/07 20:12

In article <p6AXi.17352$Rg1.14913@trnddc05>,
> Is it correct that I can use a PCI DVB-S tuner card to receive FTA sat?

Yes, you can.

> Is it correct that I can receive all of the major networks, like CBS, NBC,
> etc. in HD using a DVB-S tuner card?

Look at or at G10R. There
you will find information on what you can see for free.

> What would I need to do the same with a standalone receiver?

Any decent MPEG-2/DVB FTA receiver will work. FWIW, I've
had terrible luck with Traxis brand. Higher than 50% failure
rate. I've had excellent luck with the BEC brand- no failures.

> What dish specs would I need for a dish to be used in southern Oklahoma
> for all the above?

Resellers will try to sell you a 76Cm dish, but don't buy
into it. They're very marginal and extremely hard to aim
properly. Look for a 96Cm (about 3 feet) or larger.

-Web, Ethnic Satellite Service, Myrtle Beach, SC



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