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Re: Some FTA questions, confirmations.

Posted by alt on 11/07/07 20:33

On Wed, 07 Nov 2007 15:12:46 -0500, Nunya Bidness wrote:

> In article <p6AXi.17352$Rg1.14913@trnddc05>,
> says...
>> Is it correct that I can use a PCI DVB-S tuner card to receive FTA sat?
> Yes, you can.
>> Is it correct that I can receive all of the major networks, like CBS, NBC,
>> etc. in HD using a DVB-S tuner card?
> Look at or at G10R. There
> you will find information on what you can see for free.

I've only seen FOX and ABC on Ku-band FTA. All major networks are
accounted for on C-band.

G10R is by far the best satellite for FTA with 20 english language
channels of which one is an ABC affiliate and 2 (maybe 3?) are FOX
affiliates. The rest are either MyTV or RTN affiliates.

AMC4 has a FOX station from Beaumont, TX and a christian TV station (can't
remember the callsign).

G27 has White Springs which is an interesting station showing lots of old

Galaxy 25 used to have Euronews unencrypted, but that has since changed.

>> What would I need to do the same with a standalone receiver?
> Any decent MPEG-2/DVB FTA receiver will work. FWIW, I've had terrible
> luck with Traxis brand. Higher than 50% failure rate. I've had excellent
> luck with the BEC brand- no failures.

I have a Pansat 2700A that I really like. My Captive Works 600p is also
really good. I have a "Blue Jay 2", but I don't like it at all. If you buy
an FTA DVB receiver and are planning to get into a Big Ugly Dish for
C-band, make sure it has a skew terminal on the back for driving a

>> What dish specs would I need for a dish to be used in southern Oklahoma
>> for all the above?
> Resellers will try to sell you a 76Cm dish, but don't buy
> into it. They're very marginal and extremely hard to aim
> properly. Look for a 96Cm (about 3 feet) or larger.
> -Web, Ethnic Satellite Service, Myrtle Beach, SC



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