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Re: DVD Sales Spin Down

Posted by Jyeshta on 12/08/07 02:00

On Thu, 06 Dec 2007 22:11:34 GMT, Brian Henderson
<> wrote:

>On Thu, 06 Dec 2007 11:08:24 -0600, Jyeshta <>
>>Who has the money to buy DVDs regularly? How many times does
>>anyone watch any given movie? There are some movies I can watch
>>several times, but only with long intervals of time in between.
>I do actually, I buy at least 2-3 hundred commercial DVDs a year.

You must be rich! :-)

>I'm a pirate, according to Gorf, because I don't even download movies
>online, just because I run P2P software.

There are so many different uses for p2p software, no one should
be faulted for using it. On local Fox news, they've been
spinning for months about how dangerous Limewire is, for
instance, their claim that "The entire contents of your hard
drive are open to the entire world! Terrorists can gather your
private information!" I really wonder who they think they're
speaking to. (I know who they're speaking *for* :-)

It's really not a black and white issue; even if people do
download copyrighted material, most do buy some, also, to the
extent that they can.

When it comes to big industry-owned content, I'm so disgusted by
the tactics of the industry that I try to buy used CDs if the
music is by an artist or group who I already know have made a lot
of money. If I know they haven't, I do buy them new, despite the
moral dilemma I face in supporting corrupt industries. And if I
ever get a DVD player, I'll buy used DVDs only, unless they're
music DVDs of artists I want to support (I've bought several of
those kind, even though I can only watch them on my computer).



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