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Re: MPAA smashes TorrentSpy

Posted by PerfectReign on 12/19/07 16:46

on Wednesday 19 December 2007 06:08 am, someone posing as Tester took a rock
and etched into the cave:

> On Wed, 19 Dec 2007 04:45:27 -0800 (PST), Modemac <>
> wrote:
>>California rules against TorrentSpy, saying its policy of deleting
>>users' IP addresses was "willful destruction of evidence:"
> First, it was a Federal judge in California, not a California judge.
> Also, the ruling seems not to have been not so much a ruling on the
> facts of the case as a ruling on the contempt of Torrent Spy for the
> legal process which is a very good way to anger a judge. The MPAA
> obtained a discovery order and, according to the ruling, Torrent Spy
> purposefully destroyed evidence. Of course, now the MPAA may be able
> to argue that "well, we don't have the evidence - the defendant
> destroyed it and thus acknowleged guilt" and win on that basis.

Yep - the company can be held liable for destroying evidence if they did so
after being aware of the lawsuit.

However, that's it. There's no further action, AFAIK.

So Sorry.

Too bad.




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