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Zionist Fuckbag Joins Zionist Fuckbag to Fight File Sharers

Posted by ABC on 12/19/07 17:03

Fighting for the right to tax their own private propaganda is a 24
hour job for evil zionist fuckbag corporations like the RIAA and MPAA,
and now fellow zionist Bram Cohen of BitTorrent has joined Babylonia's
war on their previous customer base, which comprising mostly teenagers
too young to see through the tripe they produce.

The future is ours however. Heroes for good Piratebay have in the
works a new protocol to replace bittorrent - an anonymous encrypted
system that render useless even deep packet sniffing technology used
by the exploitative entertainment industry.

BitTorrent and MPAA Join Forces

Bram Cohen, founder of BitTorrent, and Dan Glickman, president of the
MPAA, made an announcement today regarding the future of both
organizations. The MPAA and Bram Cohen revealed during the press
conference the two will work together to inhibit piracy.

During May of this year, Bram Cohen released a torrent search engine
on his site, As one of the stipulations of the deal,
any search results yielding copyrighted material will be blocked. In
addition, the MPAA and Bram will be working together to "limit access
to infringing material available via search engines like the one at"

However the technical feasibility of this assertion has been met with
skepticism in the BitTorrent community.

" is their own, they can of course fix that," said
ThePirateBay spokesperson brokep. "But not in the other torrent sites
without changing the protocol. The protocol actually doesn't belong to
Bram Cohen, it belongs to the community and will evolve in the way it
seems fit."

Interestingly, by the time Bram Cohen and the MPAA figure out how to
limit access to infringing material, the current BitTorrent protocol
may be a thing of the past.

Looking forward, this announcement changes little for a vast majority
of the BitTorrent community. While Bram's search engine is a curious
novelty item, it represents relatively minor generator of BitTorrent
traffic, especially compared with the torrent giant

VIDEO: The Pirate Bay's Next P2P Protocol:



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