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Re: Shooting in cold weather conditions?

Posted by David McCall on 12/30/07 23:02

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>> The heated sports patches you can buy at the drug store make a great
>> source of just enough heat to keep your gear safe at times.
>> They maintain their heat for a couple hours. Activate them, then wrap
>> them in a paper towel and put them in the case around your camera.
>> Also very handy to keep in your pockets for warming up the zoom hand.
> Those are the kind of cases ($200+) I'd like to avoid buying for using
> only
> once. I was wondering whether there might not be an alternative for
> shooting what amounts to be 30 seconds of video with a simple set-up (one
> camera, one mic, no lights), like maybe keeping the camera in its hard
> case
> with heat packs, and taking it only to shoot for a few minutes at a time.
> Is that doable in -10C weather?
> jaybee
I think the main issues are condensation and reduced battery life.
Keeping the camera warm can be done many ways including keeping
it under your coat until needed (or at least keep the battery warm).

I've heard of keeping the camera in a ziplock bag to keep the
moisture away from it. This would apply under the coat, and when
you bring the now cold camera into a warm room. Let the camera
warm up before taking it out of the bag.

This is all based on stuff I've heard, not experiance, so if anyone
finds me to be in error, please speak up.




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