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Re: computer rebuild for editing

Posted by nappy on 12/31/07 00:14

"Tony" <> wrote in message
>>> Although I have Quad Core\4GB ram on my XP Pro machine, 2GB is all it
>>> needs max for editing. I went
>>> overboard, but I guess it's better to have more than less. I'm sure the
>>> next generation will find a
>>> way to use more memory and I'll have it. So, go with 2GB.
>>Just curious, but if you have more RAM than your video editor needs- and
>>you're in the middle of working that editor, if you then multitask- say
>>writing a letter while a spreadsheet is calculating and downloading a
>>file, will it jam up the working of the editor? That is- with 4 gigs.....

write letter.. ok
Spreadsheet calc.. ok. Only gonna use one proc probably
downloading a large file.. probably fine. I do it all the time. In the
background while working.. Same as transferring files to or form one of our
servers.. also while the NLE is running.. no big deal.

If your NLE is written poorly it may burp and hiccup and complain but this
is not a big deal.



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