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Re: Confusing question about resolutions & ratios...

Posted by Jacques E. Bouchard on 01/03/08 02:54

"Richard Crowley" <> wrote in

> "Jacques E. Bouchard" wrote ...
>> Okay, bear with me as this question will probably expose my ignorance
>> about
>> video resolution and aspect ratios. If anyone can recommend a good
>> on-line tutorial that will demystify all of this, I'd really
>> appreciate.
>> I'm working with source video that's 480 X 480 with a 1.33 pixel
>> ratio. The
>> image is compressed horizontally, making it look squashed. I want to
>> extract a scene and output it in Adobe Premiere Pro to a standard
>> format, say 720 X 480 and make it look normal. What would be the best
>> way to work with this footage? What project settings do I use
>> (matching source or output)? Do I "unsquash" the source footage by
>> applying video effects, or by outputting to a different resolution,
>> aspect/pixel ratio? Etc...
>> Yes, I know, I'm clueless about this. Ususally I work with footage
>> I've shot myself, and it's all standard.
>> Thanks for patiently answering my question.
> Assuming you have already got this 480-square video into your
> timeline? Should be very simply a matter of "dragging" the
> horizontal size of the clip out to wherever you want it. Or are
> we missing something here?

Well, that's what I did, but I was wondering whether there was a more
logical way, like maybe outputting to a different resolution/ratio.

I warned you, this is a confusing topic for me. Which is why I was trying
to start with the basics: should you normally set your project settings
to match the source video, or the desired output?




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