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Re: Confusing question about resolutions & ratios...

Posted by Richard Crowley on 01/03/08 03:07

"Jacques E. Bouchard" wrote ...
> "Richard Crowley" wrote:
>> Assuming you have already got this 480-square video into your
>> timeline? Should be very simply a matter of "dragging" the
>> horizontal size of the clip out to wherever you want it. Or are
>> we missing something here?
> Well, that's what I did, but I was wondering whether there was a more
> logical way, like maybe outputting to a different resolution/ratio.
> I warned you, this is a confusing topic for me. Which is why I was trying
> to start with the basics: should you normally set your project settings
> to match the source video, or the desired output?

I was going to say: "The desired output, definitely." However, it is
not always that simple. Another recent thread was asking about
shooting with an NTSC camera while in the PAL-territories for
several months. Even though the desired output was PAL, I
would recommend shooting and editing in NTSC and then
converting to PAL at the end of the process (maybe using the
NLE app, but maybe using some other app depending on which
gives better results, etc.)

Premiere (and most likely most other NLE apps) do some kinds
of conversion automatically at some point in the process. But the
conversion they do automatically may not be optimal for your
requirements. If you don't like the way Premiere does whatever
conversion, or if you have a bunch of files that you need to convert
as a batch, etc. then you could consider some of the popular
command-line video processing applications, etc.



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