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Re: FireStore Experience

Posted by Richard Crowley on 01/03/08 04:22

"Jacques E. Bouchard" wrote ...
> Boodro wrote :
>> But I wasn't really asking if the FireStore was a great solution for
>> me or my specific situation. I was simply looking for other people
>> who
>> may have used it (or something like it) and could tell me how much it
>> cuts down on the transfer process.
> It's still an overpriced gadget. Go with a laptop and a USB drive.
> You're
> not locked into a simple configuration (such as FireStore's measly
> 100GB
> storage) and it's a lot cheaper.

OTOH, I wouldn't want to be lugging along a fiddly and
delicate (not to mention ergonimically-inappropriate) laptop
computer while out doing "run-n-gun" breaking news coverage.

OTOOH, what could be faster and simpler than handing
a DV (or mini-DV or Beta, or whatever) over to the news



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