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Re: FireStore Experience

Posted by Richard Crowley on 01/03/08 04:26

"Boodro" <wrote...
> Sorry guys, sounds like I should have been MUCH more descriptive.

We know nothing about you or your situation except what you
write here. Generic questions and vague descriptions can't get
you very specific responses.

> But I wasn't really asking if the FireStore was a great solution for
> me or my specific situation. I was simply looking for other people who
> may have used it (or something like it) and could tell me how much it
> cuts down on the transfer process.

Those portable hard-drive devices have been discussed several
times in these newsgroups (r.v.d, r.v.p) in the last 2-3 years.
Did you do a Google Groups archive search? Recommended.

> Either way, allow me to clarify...
> I love shooting and I love editing, but sometimes I just don't have
> the luxiury of waiting for the camera to physically ff or rew the tape
> and play all the way through. This goes double for time-sensitive
> footage like a news events (I do some freelance work every now and
> then) that needs to be cut ASAP. I figured that with something like
> the FireStore, "As Soon As Possible" would be much faster and more
> efficient since I could pull it right onto the computer w/out having
> to search & playback.

Only you can determine whether the high cost and low
capacity of those gadgets are effective for your needs.



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