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Re: FireStore Experience

Posted by Ty Ford on 01/03/08 04:46

On Wed, 2 Jan 2008 12:22:23 -0500, Boodro wrote
(in article

> Does anyone have any experience using FireStore with their cameras? I
> have a GL-2 that I use to shoot small little projects & videos of my
> son, but I dread having to transfer footage from the camera to the
> computer.
> It sounds like the FireStore will help me out, but I'm looking for
> some feedback before I waste $1000.

I do, some. I have an FS-4 Pro. At first there was a problem with my Canon
XL2. I had to muck around with startup sequences until I found the right one.
That was the exact opposite of what the manual said. When I told them they
said, "Hmmph. Didn't know that." Sometime later the info appeared on their

Next I had a bad firewire cable that corrupted the last 1/4 of every video
clip, until it died. The new cord fixed that. About a year later I blew the
firewire port and had to return it. That was back in October or November. It
came back not working at all. It took two calls to Minneapolis to get them to
get me a call tag. It's supposed to be here on the 4th.

The phone guy blamed it on the shipping guy. They replaced the motherboard,
but when it got here it was DOA. I was told after they FINALLY got it back
that the problem was a chip on the motherboard....the one they replaced????


Someone needs to shake Focus Enhancements up a bit and get the dust bunnies

Anyway, the point I keep coming to is this. What do I do to archive my
footage? Get a big-ass HD? Roll it back on tape? I'm thinking the best would
be to shoot with tape and with the Firestore. Use the tape for archiving the
source. Use the HD for "do it now" production.


Ty Ford

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