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Re: FireStore Experience

Posted by ushere on 01/03/08 05:32

>> Either way, allow me to clarify... I love shooting and I love
>> editing, but sometimes I just don't have the luxiury of waiting for
>> the camera to physically ff or rew the tape and play all the way
>> through. This goes double for time-sensitive footage like a news
>> events (I do some freelance work every now and then) that needs to
>> be cut ASAP. I figured that with something like the FireStore, "As
>> Soon As Possible" would be much faster and more efficient since I
>> could pull it right onto the computer w/out having to search &
>> playback.

afaik nearly all networks want tape from their freelancers - certainly
here in australia none take any form of file. as for waiting for the
camera to rewind etc., get yourself a proper deck, dsr 11, m15, etc.,

from personal experience i would never shoot anything of any import to
hd without having a backup tape in the camera.




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