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Re: The Canon HV20 HD Camcorder Is Wonderful!

Posted by Bob Noble on 01/04/08 07:05

Hi Smarty,
That was one of the editing softwares I looked into before buying the
camera. Some Ulead stuff comes with the cam also, but not the editing part.
Reviewing it again, looks like it might be a good place to get started. So,
you've moved me along by helping make that decision. I'll likely be getting
a copy soon.
Now, I need to get kayaking if I want to get something worth letting you
see. :O)
Thanks for the help,

Bob Noble
"Smarty" <> wrote in message
> Bob,
> The specific software I was thinking of is Ulead Video Studio 11 Plus, a
> very competent, relatively basic program, which can take video in HD or
> standard def formats, edit the content, add transitions, filters, titles,
> sound effects, etc., and then output to all sorts of devices and formats
> ranging from iPods to BluRay / HD DVD as well as YouTube.
> The software can be had for as little as $59 based on the promotions I
> have seen, most recently at $69 after rebate at Amazon with free shipping.
> The early November release of the so-called "PowerPack" added YouTube
> support as well as several other nice features. They offer a trial
> download version with full functionality which allows you to check it out
> and see if you like it before buying.
> I use this software for quick and simple projects, since it is extremely
> fast, makes hi def videos as nicely as either Final Cut Pro HD or Vegas
> (both way more expensive programs), and is a single program solution for
> end-to-end workflow.
> Hope this answers your question.
> Smarty
> "Bob Noble" <> wrote in message
> news:477d4c7f$0$36381$
>> Hi Smarty,
>>> makes for a wonderful subject. Maybe you might consider eventually
>>> investing in a little program to put up some clips on YouTube for all of
>>> us to enjoy? The software is dirt cheap.....
>> So, what are we talking about here for software. I didn't know software
>> was needed to do this.



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