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Re: How was this multicam production done?

Posted by Stan on 01/04/08 08:18

"peter" <> wrote:

}Even if each camera is recorded, the operators still need some script on
}when to shoot what.

On the PBS "Great Performances" show I worked on, the director had a
script many weeks in advance & he had all camera shots scripted.
Occaisionally (twice for me) the camera op had a slightly better shot &
told the director after rehearsal so that the director could agree &
change the shot sheet.

}BTW, what cameras are typically put on jib arms when money is no object?

Ideally, ALL cameras should be the same so that images from different
camera match better. Different brand lenses make things harder for the

}...I thought they could just look
}at a script and run with it :)

At times that works, especially in venues that tend to be light on scripting.




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