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Re: The Canon HV20 HD Camcorder Is Wonderful!

Posted by Smarty on 01/04/08 13:15

Glad to help Bob. You might also want to consider that YouTube, unlike some
other hosting methods, offers relatively low quality video, based on the
small frame size and low bit rate limitations it imposes. Those who are
distributing high definition video clips have discovered / created other
venues for doing so, and you may wish to eventually explore this path as
well. I think the Ulead approach is an excellent starting point for a
newbie, and it continues to serve me well even as a more experienced user,
but the YouTube delivery method lacks a lot in viewer quality. If you should
eventually decide to get into some serious high def postings of your video,
we can offer further suggestions.


"Bob Noble" <> wrote in message
> Hi Smarty,
> That was one of the editing softwares I looked into before buying the
> camera. Some Ulead stuff comes with the cam also, but not the editing
> part.
> Reviewing it again, looks like it might be a good place to get started.
> So, you've moved me along by helping make that decision. I'll likely be
> getting a copy soon.
> Now, I need to get kayaking if I want to get something worth letting you
> see. :O)
> Thanks for the help,
> --
> Bob Noble
> "Smarty" <> wrote in message
> news:Y%efj.15754$ZI4.8718@trnddc08...
>> Bob,
>> The specific software I was thinking of is Ulead Video Studio 11 Plus, a
>> very competent, relatively basic program, which can take video in HD or
>> standard def formats, edit the content, add transitions, filters, titles,
>> sound effects, etc., and then output to all sorts of devices and formats
>> ranging from iPods to BluRay / HD DVD as well as YouTube.
>> The software can be had for as little as $59 based on the promotions I
>> have seen, most recently at $69 after rebate at Amazon with free
>> shipping. The early November release of the so-called "PowerPack" added
>> YouTube support as well as several other nice features. They offer a
>> trial download version with full functionality which allows you to check
>> it out and see if you like it before buying.
>> I use this software for quick and simple projects, since it is extremely
>> fast, makes hi def videos as nicely as either Final Cut Pro HD or Vegas
>> (both way more expensive programs), and is a single program solution for
>> end-to-end workflow.
>> Hope this answers your question.
>> Smarty
>> "Bob Noble" <> wrote in message
>> news:477d4c7f$0$36381$
>>> Hi Smarty,
>>>> makes for a wonderful subject. Maybe you might consider eventually
>>>> investing in a little program to put up some clips on YouTube for all
>>>> of us to enjoy? The software is dirt cheap.....
>>> So, what are we talking about here for software. I didn't know software
>>> was needed to do this.



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