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Re: How was this multicam production done?

Posted by MG on 01/04/08 14:39

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>> You didn't say if the show aired live. If not then the cameras were
>> iso'ed. Each camera was recorded to (probably) tape with matching
>> timecode. Later the tapes were edited
> I don't think it's a live show.
> Even if each camera is recorded, the operators still need some script on
> when to shoot what. They cannot possibly dedicate one camera per
> person/instrument because there are so many instruments and people on
> stage!
> What does ISO stand for?
> BTW, what cameras are typically put on jib arms when money is no object?
> Smaller than the stationary ones but still HD.
> Thanks everyone for the answers. I never realize so much work go into
> preparation for the professional video crew. I thought they could just
> look at a script and run with it :) When I shoot multicam amateur video
> with friends, we don't have directors or scripts other than "you shoot
> close ups and I shoot wide".
ISO stands for isolated, or isolation. That means the camera is recorded,
by itself, on a dedicated machine. The video is edited later by matching
time code. In the high-def world, on a mobile unit, the cameras are
generally all the same, with conversion kits for handheld or studio-style
use. The cameras mounted on jibs are in the hand-held configuation,
although they might not use the viewfinder on the camera, depending on the
configuration. The lenses are incredibly expensive. If you want to get a
look at the basic equipment used on that show, look here:

I don't know which unti they used but it was one of the Denalis. Also,
there's no telling how much stuff they augmented the basic (!) truck
complement with.


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