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Equipment recommendations

Posted by on 01/04/08 14:44

Looking for a couple of items; I wonder if any here have had
experience with particular brands, and can make any recommendations:

Three tripods for studio cameras. Will support JVC GY-HD250 with
studio adapter and teleprompter, 4" viewfinder and rear controls. Must
have dolly option. One of my Board of Directors says "Do NOT get Bogen/
Manfrotto!." I tried a MIller, but I'm not sure I like the dynamics of
the head. It seems stiff. I don't want to go cheap, but I don't want
to go extrvavagant, either.

Two teleprompters. Will be used for usual text, but I may want to send
program video there on occasion. Permanent mount to tripods. Probably
17" LCD types. I looked at Prompter People - not bad, good price, but
the monitors are VGA only - no video (I suppose I can use a converter
to convert composite video to VGA, and switchbetween prompter and
program video.) Listec was good, but expensive. Any ideas?



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