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Re: The Canon HV20 HD Camcorder Is Wonderful!

Posted by Jacques E. Bouchard on 01/04/08 16:04

"Smarty" <> wrote in

> Glad to help Bob. You might also want to consider that YouTube, unlike
> some other hosting methods, offers relatively low quality video, based
> on the small frame size and low bit rate limitations it imposes. Those
> who are distributing high definition video clips have discovered /
> created other venues for doing so, and you may wish to eventually
> explore this path as well. I think the Ulead approach is an excellent
> starting point for a newbie, and it continues to serve me well even as
> a more experienced user, but the YouTube delivery method lacks a lot
> in viewer quality. If you should eventually decide to get into some
> serious high def postings of your video, we can offer further
> suggestions.

I agree that Youtube is a mixed blessing, but what's so appealing about
it is the sheer exposure. I read some tips on the web on how to "trick"
YouTube by creating .flv videos and manually editing the header to
reflect a different bitrate and resolution, while still getting within
the allotted 100 MB/10 min.




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