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Re: Equipment recommendations

Posted by Jack P on 01/04/08 19:10 wrote:
> Looking for a couple of items; I wonder if any here have had
> experience with particular brands, and can make any recommendations:
> Three tripods for studio cameras. Will support JVC GY-HD250 with
> studio adapter and teleprompter, 4" viewfinder and rear controls. Must
> have dolly option. One of my Board of Directors says "Do NOT get Bogen/
> Manfrotto!." I tried a MIller, but I'm not sure I like the dynamics of
> the head. It seems stiff. I don't want to go cheap, but I don't want
> to go extrvavagant, either.
> Two teleprompters. Will be used for usual text, but I may want to send
> program video there on occasion. Permanent mount to tripods. Probably
> 17" LCD types. I looked at Prompter People - not bad, good price, but
> the monitors are VGA only - no video (I suppose I can use a converter
> to convert composite video to VGA, and switchbetween prompter and
> program video.) Listec was good, but expensive. Any ideas?

AS I'm sure you know there are several Tiers in price and quality for

No longer do I have a network budget behind me for gear: In those days

when the Net was paying we had 6K Sachtlers hotpods and heads which are

my favorite...

but since I'm paying now, I have the cheapest "Good" tripod I could afford

a Vinten Vision 3 I got for around 2grand, Solid 2 stage legs and a real

fluid head and ball mount and you can adjust the drags on-air...

If you don't have to carry your gear around alot, you could find some great

O'connor Sticks and heads. THey're heavy and expensive , but used is a
good bet --- O'connor was famous for re-juvinating older gear better
than new and cheaply.

Bogen tripods are for Videographer class jobs. Some sets of Legs are ok
but the heads mostly BLOW for mission critical camera work --- I know
that Bogen Owns Vinten or vice versa but the brands are vastly different.

With tripods you have to pay to play -- but it's the Best investment you
can make beside a camera. But you knew that.

--Jack P



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