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Re: FireStore Experience

Posted by Jacques E. Bouchard on 01/05/08 02:37

Rick Merrill <> wrote in

> I agree!
> The FS-4 is direct to edit: plug in the drive and edit!
> The FS-4 has 6 second retro-record - very cool if you keep camera
> on the action!
> The FS-4 is direct to playout ...
> it is MUCH simpler than a laptop: (one plug for camera - another for
> computer)

The reason I prefer a laptop isn't just that I can hook up any external
HDD to it, but with Adobe OnLocation it also serves as a calibrated
field monitor, waveform monitor, vectorscope, audio spectrum analyzer,
etc. Plus, I can review and organize clips right as I record them.

I understand the usefulness of the FireStore, but given its limited
features I think it's seriously overpriced, especially since most people
already own a laptop - which, incidentally, runs off a rechargeable
battery just like the FS.

But to each his or her solution.




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