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Re: How was this multicam production done?

Posted by MG on 01/05/08 04:18

"Larry in AZ" <> wrote in message
> Waiving the right to remain silent, jakdedert <>
> said:
>> I'm often amused that big-budget broadcast shows contain mistakes that
>> would cost my employer a client...not to mention the flubs that happen
>> regularly on local/national news broadcasts. In that sense, I suppose
>> it is kind of a lost art.
> I also work in event staging. With the exception of big-budget
> extravagant
> events, we get little to no *real* rehearsal time, so we pretty much need
> to
> wing everything from the talking head with Powerpoint, to live
> entertainment
> and awards banquets.
> There *used to be* a lot of rehearsals, but in the past few years, budgets
> have been cut and there's ltttle time for it now. Pretty much just
> executives banging through their PP slides, and we may get to see a tiny
> bit
> of blocking for the awards.
> --
> Larry Jandro
> Video Engineering & Equipment Rentals
> Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
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Sports is never rehearsed, unless it's wrestling. I have't directed a live
event since tonight.


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