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Re: "The Gap"...

Posted by dadiOH on 01/08/08 21:20

Ron Millard wrote:
> Does anyone know of a program (preferably free) that will allow me
> to record mp3 files on a CD but eliminate the gap between each
> track? For most songs, having the gap is not a problem. But when
> recording operas, I find the gaps annoying. I have tried older
> versions of Nero (v 5) and Roxio (v 7), plus some other freebies.

Record as "Disc at once" rather than "Track at once". That assumes
the MP3s themselves don't have leading/trailing silence. If so, you
have to use a program such as MPTrim to physically remove it.
Moreover, unless the MP3 data starts/ends exactly on a frame boundry
(unlikely) there will always be a fraction of a second gap.

> I have also tried recording as DATA rather than MP3, but no luck

There is no difference between the two.



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