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Re: "The Gap"...

Posted by NRen2k5 on 01/09/08 10:15

Ron Millard wrote:
> Does anyone know of a program (preferably free) that will allow me to
> record mp3 files on a CD but eliminate the gap between each track?
> For most songs, having the gap is not a problem. But when recording
> operas, I find the gaps annoying. I have tried older versions of
> Nero (v 5) and Roxio (v 7), plus some other freebies. I have also
> tried recording as DATA rather than MP3, but no luck yet.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Ron Millard

Many MP3-CD players just can't play MP3s gaplessly. It's not the CD's
fault, it's the player's. There is no solution; only workarounds.

One would be to combine together the MP3s you want to listen to without
a gap. The other would be to shop around for another CD player.



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