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Fix needed: read head hunts but cannot lock on

Posted by 103906 on 01/09/08 04:42

I have an Apex 3201 DVD player. It has been a champ and was modified
right after purchase via hidden menu options to have no region blocking
and no copypro. That's why I want to keep it even though it has a

Recently it began having trouble getting past the menu's and initial
parts of DVD's. I can load the DVD select options from menu's, look at
episode guides, etc. But when I try to play the actual program, or go to
a specific scene (via scene select), the head on the player seems unable
to locate the proper place. I hear it going back & forth hitting the

I opened up the unit as I thought maybe there was a rubber band or
something that had broken (I replaced the one that opens/closes the tray
a couple years ago). But I can see that the read head moves via servo,
not band, and appears to have full range capability. I lightly brushed
the "eye" using a lens cleaning cloth, before reassembling. Still have
the same problem. Initial menus and options menus play ok, but when
going for main content or direct scene selections the head hunts and is
unable to lock on.

I'd like to keep this unit. Any suggestions on what may be the problem,
and how to fix?




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