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Re: Fix needed: read head hunts but cannot lock on

Posted by CSHong on 01/09/08 12:44

103906 wrote:

Try reconnect the cable connector/ flex cable from the laser head to the
logic board.

> I have an Apex 3201 DVD player. It has been a champ and was modified
> right after purchase via hidden menu options to have no region blocking
> and no copypro. That's why I want to keep it even though it has a
> problem.
> Recently it began having trouble getting past the menu's and initial
> parts of DVD's. I can load the DVD select options from menu's, look at
> episode guides, etc. But when I try to play the actual program, or go to
> a specific scene (via scene select), the head on the player seems unable
> to locate the proper place. I hear it going back & forth hitting the
> stops.
> I opened up the unit as I thought maybe there was a rubber band or
> something that had broken (I replaced the one that opens/closes the tray
> a couple years ago). But I can see that the read head moves via servo,
> not band, and appears to have full range capability. I lightly brushed
> the "eye" using a lens cleaning cloth, before reassembling. Still have
> the same problem. Initial menus and options menus play ok, but when
> going for main content or direct scene selections the head hunts and is
> unable to lock on.
> I'd like to keep this unit. Any suggestions on what may be the problem,
> and how to fix?

CS Hong
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