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Re: "The Gap"...

Posted by d'Wooluf on 07/10/23 12:00

According to "fred-bloggs" <> (and I quote):

>"Ron Millard" <> wrote in
>> Does anyone know of a program (preferably free) that will allow me to
>> record mp3 files on a CD but eliminate the gap between each track? For
>> most songs, having the gap is not a problem. But when recording
>> operas, I find the gaps annoying. I have tried older versions of
>> Nero (v 5) and Roxio (v 7), plus some other freebies. I have also
>> tried recording as DATA rather than MP3, but no luck yet.
>> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>> Ron Millard
>If you want to burn mp3s to a gapless AUDIO CD and you have Nero installed,
>try foobar2000 with the burninate component.

Does burninate really on gapless information in the mp3 files or can it
work it out for itself? Pretty clever if the latter.

You can use the 'convert' functionality within foobar to create an album
image with cue sheet. You can then use exact audio copy (also free) to burn
that image as an audio CD. The resulting CD will be gapless IF the source
mp3s contained the required gapless metadata, which they will do if they
were encoded with a recent version of the LAME codec.



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