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Re: I need advice: Aja io hd or Motu v3hd?

Posted by Richard Crowley on 01/18/08 19:58

"Jim" <jimmy AT> wrote ...
> "Richard Crowley" wrote...
>> OTOH, I'd be interesting in knowing why anybody
>> *uses* Vista? What's the attraction? Seems like a
>> lot of $$$ and aggravation for zero benefits. Even
>> the Apple commercials are poking fun at Microsoft.
>> "Don't give up on Vista" indeed.
> Apple commercials poking fun at a Windows OS??? Surely you jest??? ;)
> Ability to use more RAM and DX10 are 2 legitimate reasons to go Vista.
> Whether they actually outweigh the cons is another thing.

i.e. gamer stuff. Yawn.
You're right. It would take a great deal more benefit to outweigh
the looming, invasive DRM junk.



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