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Re: I need advice: Aja io hd or Motu v3hd?

Posted by Martin Heffels on 01/18/08 20:18

On Fri, 18 Jan 2008 18:37:09 +0000, Spex <> wrote:

>Vista is a good excuse to try out OS X and Linux. I know many
>colleagues who are doing exactly that. The number of new Mac owners I
>know is quite amazing. It isn't down to the success of Apple but down
>to the failure of MS to provide an OS people want to move forward with.

Why would you be put off, of a quite good working Windows XP, by the
release of Vista? That puzzles me ;-) With a bit of a few help-programs,
you can make XP as safe as Vista, without loosing the performance. I se no
reason to jump onto Apple or Linux, because Vista sux, but that is my
opinion :-)

>Read the minimicrosoft blog to really understand why MS delivered such a
>steaming turd. A benchmark in how not to develop software and
>demotivate staff.

MS just send out pre-pre-pre-releases of the next OS (Windows 7), which
should appear next year. It's supposed to have a tiny core, which with a
bit of luck will improve performance. But given that it is Microsoft, I'm
not counting on it. They have a deal with hardware manufacturers me thinks.
Because for every new OS, you have to get a faster computer, and that
faster computer comes with Vista, leading to a 100 million sale of Vista
(something like that, as announced my Gates earlier this week).

>Oh, and before someone tries to carve a chunk out me about Apple. I am
>a realist I know Apple is nowhere near perfect far from it.

There is only one perfect os, and that is Risc-OS. The rest sux :-P


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