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Re: I need advice: Aja io hd or Motu v3hd?--> Mac or PC

Posted by Spex on 01/18/08 22:55

nappy wrote:
> "Jim" <jimmy AT> wrote in message
> news:4790f3df$0$31790$
>> "Spex" <> wrote in message
>>> nappy wrote:
>>>> "Ma3rk" <> wrote in message
>>>> news:15Rjj.143573$
>>>> I'm very impressed with all
>>>>> the new hardware, but to be honest, the more I use the Mac OS, the more
>>>>> I like XP.
>>>> Agreed. I have dual boot Intel Mac Pro 8 core machien swith Premiere CS3
>>>> and FCP on the same machine. I regret the rare occasions I have to use
>>>> FCP and OSX. Slower than XP by a wide margin. Finally we CAN compare the
>>>> two OS's on the same machine.
>>> That would seem rather a strange choice to purchase a Mac Pro then use
>>> XP. Surely you could have build a system more powerful for a lot less if
>>> you are PC orientated?
>>> I know of your pathological hate for FCP so am a bit surprised you
>>> purchased it. :)
>>> Why don't you use Vista BTW out of interest?
>> IMO, now with Dual Boot and Parallels, if you are in a media creation
>> business, an Intel Mac is a no brainer as a new machine purchase (unless
>> you still need legacy pci slots or have a Windows box only piece of
>> hardware). There are fantastic tools for us to use on both sides of the
>> operating system camp.
>> Even if Tiger etc isn't your main boot up of choice, it is awesome having
>> the full aresnal available.
>> Having a preference on which OS we prefer to work in is one thing, but
>> denying ourselves fantastic software that is available because of this
>> preference is plain wrong. For me just having Live Type on a machine is
>> reason enough to get a Mactel. Even if that was the only Mac program I
>> used.
> Actually there is nothing you can do on a mac that can not be done faster on
> a PC. I don't own mine for the 'tools' Because they are largely in pretty
> poor shape. Examples:
> Shake.. is a mess. Old interface, poor support and a tiny user basse put it
> in the twilight zone at Apple..

Dude, Shake is used everywhere. It is _the_ film level compositor and
woven into most film comping pipelines worldwide. That's a fact.
Shake's interface is absolutely not a mess in fact it is extremely
intuitive. In fact Nuke 5 is almost a carbon copy and that's still in
beta. It doesn't matter at all that Shake is EOLed as it will live on
for years in the film compositing field.

> Motion.. What a TERD. it is slow and very very painful and crashes like a
> dog driving a taxi. It is a DOG. NO rla or rpf or Camera import..
Crashes? I've had about 1 in 18 months. As for speed I completely
disagree. If you are having speed issues your workflow might need
adjusting. It is not exactly surprising that it doesn't have rla and
rpf support nobody uses them anyway. Motion is not a compositor
it is a motion graphics app for FCS.

> FCP. Still the slowest NLE I have ever used.

You obviously have a choice to use something else.

> Color nice try apple but you forgot to make it WORK on the Mac!
Have you ever used Color? It works like a dream here. What doesn't work?



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