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Re: I need advice: Aja io hd or Motu v3hd?--> Mac or PC

Posted by nappy on 01/19/08 00:05

"Jim" <jimmy AT> wrote in message

> There is NO equivalent to LiveType on a PC except for India Titler which
> is no longer made,(because Apple bought it and turned it into LiveType)
> and DVD Studio Pro is just a great program. although I am sure DVD Lab
> (and others) is just as good from what I can tell.

Anything you can do with live type I can do with PC tools.
> All in all these things are just tools and appliances and forming narrow
> minded exclusionary attitudes about one or the other as some do, limits
> the users ability to get things done.

that's very diplomatic. but my observances are based on technical reality.
Not personal preference. Or .. to put it another way. I work on the best
tools I can find and they are not on the Mac.




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