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Re: Bits from Bill: Death to the DVD Disc is Coming

Posted by Derek Janssen on 01/22/08 03:54

PapaBear wrote:

> I've also foreseen the end to movie DVDs but believe they'll be around for
> awhile. I can't predict how long, but I'm betting on another 5-10 years. In
> the meantime it might be wise to stockpile a supply of the equipment needed
> to play them, like some ordinary DVD players, TVs, blank DVDs and burners
> (if you burn them), etc. There's no guarantee those things will be around
> for much longer.

As I seem to remember, the idea of offering pre-recorded movies on VHS
tape was first started by an independent company back in 1980, as it was
already understood that most early-adopters who owned the first
recordable tape machines were using their first "big" tape-practice
to....tape movies off of TV. (Usually "2001".)

....Owning movies on a permanent living-room shelf is TRIBAL.
You can't fight what's in our DNA. :)

Derek Janssen (it's like selling a subway train in California)



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