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Re: Sony's Blu-ray breakthrough

Posted by ChairmanOfTheBored on 01/22/08 06:56

On Mon, 21 Jan 2008 08:48:13 -0700, Winfield <>

>Corbomite Carrie wrote:
>> Idiot. A million is a million. Two million is a couple million.
>> Three million is a few million. More than three million is several
>> million. ALL whole million amounts over 1 million qualifies as
>> "millions".
>Check this out, numb nuts. Sony has sold hundreds of thousands of
>PS3's, or Sony has sold several million PS3s.
>Sony has not sold "millions" of PS3's.
>That's what works for me for an honest appraisal of Sony's success.
> winf

Several million IS "millions", you retarded fuck.

If you sold 2 million of anything, you'd be calling it "millions" as
well, asswipe. Problem is that you are too butt ugly and stupid to sell
a million of anything, much less two million.



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