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Re: Mic'ing a Canon HV20

Posted by Peabody on 01/23/08 04:02

Jacques E. Bouchard says...

>> I'm using the mic for auditions tomorrow, Saturday
>> (it's a large hall and the camera-mounted mic would
>> pick up too much echo). If anyone's interested in
>> knowing how it performs (rather than just jeering), let
>> me know and I'll report back.

> Well the mic performed beautifully for its intended
> purpose. It picked up the voice of the actor clearly and
> the voice of the person who read with the actor (sitting
> 10 feet away) is barely audible. One actress fidgeted
> too much and caused a bit of rustling, but that was
> fixed by repositioning the mic.

> One important drawback to a wireless lavalier mic,
> however: I had to chase a couple of people down the hall
> because they forgot to remove it before leaving. :-)

> jaybee

Reviving this ancient thread, I just wanted to report that I
finally received the Bolun version of this wireless mic from
Hong Kong ($12.50 including shipping, but not including
batteries), and it seems to work ok.

The receiver is powered by a single AAA battery, which might
not last very long. I'll try to rig up my meter this
weekend and see how much current it draws. There appears to
be a voltage doubler built in - I measured higher voltages
than 1.5VDC several places.

I've disconnected the LEDs to save power - the on/off switch
is clearly labeled. Now I need to replace the 1/4 inch
phone plug on the receiver with something more compatible -
possibly a 1/8" jack if I can mount it properly.

The range seems quite good. It does fine from one side of
the house to the other, probably about 75 feet through four
walls. But even with the volume turned all the way up on
the transmitter, it's not very loud at the receiver end.
But it works ok in the computer's mic input with the boost
enabled. I still need to try it with my camcorder though.

The sound is probably ok for speech. There is very little
noise, but it's not exactly hi-fi.

Well, anyway, I need to play with it some more, but for the
money I think it will work fine for me for amateur camcorder

Thanks to Jaybee for the idea.



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