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How many players/software support iTunes XML format?

Posted by Zapanaz on 12/09/93 12:01

I am making this software toy that I might give people or sell ...
part of what it has to do is learn what music you have on your
computer, the way a new player does when you install the software.

I am trying to support the largest possible number of players ... it
can always do like most software does and scan your computer for
music. I have support for iTunes though, where it can either talk to
iTunes through it's COM interface and learn your library that way, or
import the XML file which iTunes exports. For a number of reasons,
that's a preferable option (because of the "play count" information

I know WinAmp will export an XML file in the same format iTunes uses,
but I'm wondering how many other players' software supports that?
(It's pretty ugly XML but that's another story.)

Or if there are other common library database export formats out there
which I could support? I know most players will export at least an
M3U version of your library, but that isn't really of interest to me,
because it doesn't include much information (like artist, genre, play
count). But are there other fairly common formats for that? Zune, as
far as I can see, has no equivalent.

Or if other players have something like a COM interface which is

Thanks for any help

Joe Cosby
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- Aldous Huxley

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