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Re: How do I transfer tape cassette to mp3 or computer file?

Posted by Dave Cohen on 07/10/56 12:01

Dave Cohen wrote:
> wrote:
>> I have some interviews on tape cassette, and I want to run a cable
>> from the tape recorder to my computer, and then I need software that
>> will record the incoming signal. What should I use? (I have a regular
>> PC, not a mac).
>> Thanks,
>> Marvin
> I use total recorder but it's not freeware. I have dbpowerap software
> that I think may do this, never tried to use it for that.
> Dave Cohen

For curiosity I tried dbpoweramp (misspelled that the first time). It
does work ok. I have lame mp3 encoder. You will need a converter and
that may involve a small license fee. Connection is phono out from
device to line-in on sound card. Launch dbpoweramp aux program, select
line in as source.
Dave Cohen



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