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Re: Any HDDVD bargains

Posted by ChairmanOfTheBored on 02/02/08 16:12

On Sat, 2 Feb 2008 08:44:39 -0500, "Steven" <> wrote:

>Where are the $9.99 HD-DVDs? BOGO's etc.
>Is there a good place to see bargains as they appear
>I need to stock up on bargains as they occur
>I will continue to use my XA2 and A35 for a good long time -- until a
>decently priced / quality player settles out of the bluray player choices
>I'm just not a gamer at this point and have never been able to stretch out
>the wallet for a game box like the xbox or ps3

The PS3 is far more than a game box. Try to keep up.

As far as disc players go, it is priced to sell as well.

I knew they made blinders for horses, but I didn't know that people
also wore them.



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