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help, pls, burning DVD's...

Posted by Uncle Vinnie on 02/02/08 16:44

I am not sure if this is the right board, but it's a start....if not, please
direct me.. (thanks!)

I have an HP Pavilion a1310n, running XP/ Media Edition... It came bundled

I was transferring 2 home movies (firewire) and building a DVD using
Sonic... at near completion, it came up with errors- one regarding
'vobulator', the other regarding the filename invalid (no more than 8
characters)...and of course the regular 'windows encountered an error'.

In googling around, these are 2 know issues posted on HP's site as well as
Roxio's... with 'workarounds' fixes, just workarounds...

I have now spent a week working on this video, (as others have from other
posts) all with this same set of
problems...again, they're known with 'workarounds' and no updates....

What I am asking are for suggestions for other software or how to fix the
one I have.

Do I have something 'Microsoft' in my Media OS I might have missed??

Nero has been cited... a name that's usually been very good in past for CD
burning.. comments?

Any others I should look at???

I also have a CD of Roxio Creator Plus that came with my wife's Dell...

I am not getting 'serious' about this, just an occasional video here and
there, but what I have is simply unreliable..

Thank you for your help and suggestions... also, if there is a more
appropriate board to post at, I have not found it as of yet, but will post

Again, thank you!





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